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Taxonomy Documentation
  • Taxon Name is the "namestring" or "scientific name," the "data" that is used to form Identifications and the core of every Taxonomy record.
  • Taxon Term is the data value of either a classification term ("Animalia") or or classification metadata (such as name authors).
  • Term Type is the rank ("kingdom") for classification terms, in which role it may be NULL, and the label for classification metadata ("author text").
  • Source indicates the source of a classification (NOT a taxon name). Some classifications are local; most come from GlobalNames.
  • Common Names are vernacular term associated with taxon names, and are not necessarily English, correct, or common.

Taxonomy Search Results

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Labisia acuta
Labisia alata
Labisia longistyla
Labisia malouana
Labisia malouiana
Labisia neriifolia
Labisia obtusifolia
Labisia ovalifolia
Labisia paucifolia
Labisia posthumusiana
Labisia pothoina
Labisia pumila
Labisia pumila forma sessilifolia
Labisia pumila var. discoplacenta
Labisia pumila var. malintangensis
Labisia pumila var. neriifolia
Labisia pumila var. sessilifolia
Labisia punctata
Labisia serrulata
Labisia sessilifolia
Labisia smaragdina
Labisia steenisiana
Labisia sumatrensis
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