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Mammut americanum
Gertrude Creek, Livengood mining district
North America, United States, Alaska, Livengood Quad
1951-06-01 (1951-06-01 - 1957-08-30)
skull; skull; skull; skull; skull sample; dentary

Earth Sciences
Mammut americanum
Animalia; Chordata; Mammalia; Proboscidea; Mammutidae; Mammut americanum
Identified by Pamela Groves, Dr. Michael Kunz, Grant D. Zazula, Patrick Druckenmiller, Dan Mann on 2014
Nature of ID: expert
Identified by Grant D. Zazula, Patrick Druckenmiller on 2014
Nature of ID: expert
Identified by Otto William Geist
Nature of ID: expert
basis of illustration of Mammut, page 24 in Nalawade-Chavan et al. 2014
Determination Type: accepted place of collection
assigned by Otto William Geist on 1951-06-01
Higher Geography: North America, United States, Alaska, Livengood Quad
Verbatim Locality: Same as Spec Locality
Specific Locality: Gertrude Creek, Livengood mining district
Specimen/Event Remarks: Collection year recorded as 1941 in the UAM 1983 accession log.
Collecting Source: wild caught
Event Date: 1951-06-01 to 1957-08-30
Verbatim Date: 1951-06-01
Verification Status: unverified
Coordinates: 65.5349998 / -148.4978562
Verbatim Coordinates: 65.5349998/-148.4978562
Datum: unknown
Error: 5 km
Georeference Source: BioGeomancer
Georeference Protocol: BioGeoMancer
System/Period: Quaternary
Determined by unknown
Otto William Geist
AMNH: American Museum of Natural History: D.V.P.103272
collector number: 1282
collector number: 1283
original identifier: AK-52-V-002a-e
second collector number: BX339
Part Name Condition Qty Remarks
dentary good 1 Geist collector number 1283A (right ramus) and 1283B (left ramus). AK-52-V-001. On display in the Gallery of Alaska
skull almost complete 1 Geist collector number 1282. AK-52-V-002a. Upper jaw of Mastodon
   skull almost complete 1
skull fragment 1 AK-52-V-002c.
skull fragment 1 AK-52-V-002b.
skull fragments 1 AK-52-V-002d. Box of small fragments from the skull.
Remarks: Donated by the American Museum of Natural History in 1982-1983 (see accession card). Part of this skull is on display in the Gallery of Alaska in the University of Alaska Museum of the North. Dated to 43,000 ± 2200 OxA-X-2457-7
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